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You have a new job! Congratulations. You are now head billing and coding representative at Macomb Urinary and Reproductive Health. Unfortunately for you, and the clinic, you really have no idea how to code the diagnoses your doctors assign the patients. You think to yourself…”It can’t be that hard!”

For your primary post you will find diseases and disorders in the urinary and male reproductive chapters and research the symptoms that the patient has been diagnosed. You will post two diseases/disorders and the symptoms for each chapter. You can research the symptoms online.

Of your replies:

Please use the site below and search the diseases/disorders in the search bar. Copy and paste the ICD10 code and the definition that comes with it.

Crash Course in ICD-10 for Dummies:

Within the healthcare industry, providers, coders, IT professionals, insurance carriers, government agencies and others use ICD codes to properly note diseases on health records, to track epidemiological trends and to assist in medical reimbursement decisions.

ICD-10 codes provide more detailed information for measuring healthcare service quality, safety and efficacy.

Here is the site to search your diseases and disorders:



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