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To what extent have the reforms of the corporate insolvency law of the United Kingdom, enacted in 2000 and 2002, and brought into force during 2003, made a difference in practice

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1. Your answer should be fully referenced in OSCOLA and should include a bibliography. Demonstrate generally accurate knowledge and understanding of principles of law of business organisations, using some important aspects of case law and statute, with some reference to economic, social, commercial or political context, and identify and explain principal major concepts, values, principles and rules of law of business organisation.
2. Apply existing knowledge to situations of limited complexity and produce arguable conclusions.
3. Bring together mainly relevant materials from cases and statutes and engage in academic debate.
4. Read a range of works within and about the law of business organisations and to summarise their arguments accurately.
5. Write fluent prose of some complexity, using legal terminology correctly. ?

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