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submit a 10-12 page paper outlining their chosen country (JAPAN). The following sections should be included in the final paper:

· Title page (does not count toward page requirement)

· Table of Contents (does not count toward page requirement)

· Executive Summary

· General Description of the Country: general overview, population, relevant trade statistics, top 2 imports and exports

· Economic Environment: Per capita income/average household income, income distribution, general state of the economy, significance of these economic aspects for marketing in this country

· Cultural Environment: language(s) spoken, religion(s) prominent, specific aspects such as customs, business practices, etc, and how these cultural aspects affect marketing in this country

· Political/Legal Environment: general political system and climate, various laws applying to trade, customs regulations, tariffs, etc. How do these factors affect marketing within this country?

· Financial Environment: currency(ies) being used, exchange rates with respect to the U.S. dollar. How do these aspects affect marketing within this country?

· Nature of Infrastructure: General description of infrastructure (presence and quality of road, rail, and air transportation; communication systems, advertising agencies, retail outlets, etc), Internet infrastructure (percentage of population with Internet access), and how will the infrastructure affect marketing programs to this country?

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