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Think about a domain you are very interested and/or experienced in and then think about aspects of it that are economic – issues of supply and demand, cost and profit, inventory management, appreciation/depreciation of value, entrepreneurial strategy, etc. What problems do you see in that domain that could benefit from an analytic model? Think outside the box and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help or if you want feedback from me at any time.
Below is an outline of what material I expect to see in you final project report.

As a reminder, these are INDIVIDUAL projects, and I will be expecting a unique submission from each student.

Write your report in Word using double line spacing.

  1. Save your data, model and analysis in an Excel file. Use label and sheet names to clearly organize your Excel file.
  2. Paste any relevant table and chart in your report including labels and references in the text.
  3. Use font Arial size 10 (or similar if not available in your system).
  4. By midnight on the due date, upload your Word file and Excel data file in Sakai under Assignments. (10% of the points will be deducted for each day or fraction of day that work is submitted after the due date.)
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