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You have the option to submit a PTEA (same template as previous weeks)
based on the above video. Or, you have the option to submit a written reflection (Microsoft
word document) based on the above video documentary. If You choose the option to do a
written reflection, be sure to address the below questions:
-Based on the above documentary video: Is there a such thing as a school to prison
pipeline? If so, in what ways do schools function like prisons (consider all aspects of
schooling via teacher/staff/institutional practices, special education programming etc).
What role do you believe the education system played in resulting in these youths ending
up in CYA? If there is something wrong that you saw in this video regarding the California
Youth Authority, be sure to convey why. Or, if you feel like the approach of “punishment” or
rehabilitation with California Youth Authority is correct, convey why.
In this midterm, you will be presented with several different videos and images for you to
analyze. Based on the images/videos presented, you are required to determine what is
your split second (first reaction) based on what you see in the video. How do you make
meaning of what you see in each video/image? If there is something empowering, good,
wrong, inappropriate, bad, or confusing based on what you see in the image: Be sure to
NAME IT, explain so, then explain why you have concluded what you did in your analysis
of the image. Furthermore, you are then required to determine and address what is justice
to you, based on what you see in the images. Why have you determined what is deemed
as justice in these images? You must select at least 5 different videos for your analysis
Building off of course content (weekly PTEA readings/videos, your construction of
education and justice from your midterm etc): Students are required to submit a manifesto
for how education should function in society.
——What is a general definition of education and how does the education system currently
function in the U.S.A? What is an existing problem in education that you want to address?
What is your own definition of education as a foundation for how you think the education
system should function in society? (Feel free to use content from your readings and
midterm to address this question if you want)? ——-
Now that you have constructed the problem in education that you want to focus on: What
does justice look like to you in solving your education problem? Who is responsible for
applying justice in education? Is it the families and people of the community, or is it the
government/education system or individual teachers/administration’s responsibility to apply
justice? Or all the above? How important is “street justice/rebellion/revolution?” Or is
revolution not “justifiable” to you? What would a revolution look like to you if you believe
this to be a necessary step to an equitable education system?

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