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Your electronics manufacturing company is working on a new product. The board of directors thinks that this product will revolutionize the travel industry and generate huge profits
for the company. To protect this product during the research and development cycle, the company is planning to install a new network consisting of a dozen computers. Your
company selected you to lead a team that will develop a subset of a security plan for the network.
In 5­6 pages, write a report on the following:
Propose a detailed plan that focuses on password policies and authentication methods to protect the project from becoming public during the research and development
phase. Specifically provide the following to meet these requirements:
Title page
Introduction (1­2 paragraphs)
Provide details of the password policy to be implemented using the template found in the School of Information Technology’s Library Guide (LibGuide). Use this link
for the LibGuide and navigate to MSIT / ITAS.
Identify the authentication and authorization solution to be used (2­3 pages)

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