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Locate and summarize a news story involving an emerging legal situation in education or in schools. What are some key points when looking for an emerging issue? *Is it something growing in use because of something in the past? Think about laptops. They were an emerging issue at one time. Now nearly all schools have them. Is the issue something that can become an opportunity for change? Think about remote learning opportunities.

Some topics you might explore on the internet: school choice, disruptions at school board meetings, stress and teacher fatigue, service learning projects, competency-based education in high schools, standards-based report cards, critical race theory, and expanding use of technology.

Apply: If this is a legal case, what are the specifics? If it is an article on an emerging issue in education, explain the specifics. How does either the case or the article have implications for you as a future teacher?

***Please note: Do not discuss hot button political issues related to covid-19.

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