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Example: In the scene in which Father Flynn argues with Sister Aloysius about his innocence, he says that… [your describing the dialogue and what happens in the scene, not quoting directly]

Analysis: 2- pages.

Pick a character and find three examples of how they change throughout the play.

Example: Sister A. holds onto her convictions and fiercely defends her belief that Father Flynn has done something horrible, but by the end, we see her reconsidering her position.

Sister James, for example, doesn’t want to believe that this horrible act could have occurred, and seems to defer to Sister A. But we see sister James faltering and possibly changing her mind throughout the play.

Use examples from passages (dialogue or actions) in the play, cited in parenthetical, to support your ideas.

Your first paragraph should say something like: “We first meet Sister James when she is being questioned by Sister A. about a student in her class…” [go on to explain her character traits in this particular scene or section.] Make a transition to the next point you want to make about Sister James… example….etc.

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