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(Watch out for the very racist broccoli farmer!)
Then, use the podcast, the lecture videos, section on Thursday, and any additional research you do yourself, to
write a 375–500 word essay that responds to the following questions:
What diversity is there in the languages spoken by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica?
How did these languages come to be spoken in California?
What challenges does the linguistic diversity of Mesoamerica create for members of the indigenous community
in California?
How are members of the indigenous community overcoming these challenges?
Provide arguments for your answers to these questions; use concrete examples to support your arguments.
These can be drawn from the podcast, from your own independent research, or from your own personal
Your essay should be organized, and it should be written in clear and connected prose. If you describe any
information from an outside source, you must use appropriate academic citations (in MLA style: see the course
syllabus for details).
As described in the Grading Rubric, you can only receive full points for this essay if you go Above and Beyond.
In this context, this means conducting your own research and using outside materials (something other than
what you learned in class or in the podcast) in the essay. For instance, here are some examples of what counts
as going Above and Beyond:
You find and describe an indigenous initiative to overcome a challenge confronting the community.
You research an indigenous Mesoamerican language or language family and provide additional details about
its speakers, its grammatical properties, or its relation to other languages.
You identify, based on your experience or your own research, a different challenge confronting indigenous
immigrants in the US because of the linguistic diversity of Mesoamerican languages

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