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Create a 9-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with; speaker notes to emphasize and further explain each slide, synthesizing information to make decisions that are focused on the development and justification of recommendations of evidence-based strategies. Use the final paper for the PowerPoint presentation. This paper has been uploaded in Word format along with these instructions.
Your leader has asked you to conduct an analysis based on a challenge or opportunity that you have identified in regard to your health care organization. Through this, you have completed the following:
• Provided a foundation for your analysis by introducing the organization.
• Conducted a general PESTLE analysis of your organization and identified possible factors that impact organizational outcomes.
• Identified any barriers or challenges and explained how they will be overcome.
• Identified health care market data needs to examine challenges or opportunities.
• Determined where to obtain data from multiple sources.
• Made evidence-based decisions based on the insights gained from data analysis.
• Identified evidence-based strategies to address challenges and opportunities.
• Determined how to respond effectively to challenges and opportunities through solutions based on credible evidence.
Along with your final report, you will be presenting your findings to the senior leadership team. You will need to synthesize your information while still maintaining concision and clarity.
Your Role
You are in a middle or senior management position within your health care organization.
Part 1: Course Project Template
Complete the remaining categories in your Course Project Template, which are listed below. Also, review your entire document, making modifications on your content based on instructor feedback and what you have learned throughout the course. Ensure that there is cohesion throughout the document.
• Executive Summary/Abstract.
o Provide a summary of the project in a single paragraph.

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