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Conduct internet research. Examine and discuss all of the following sculptures: – Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty- Serpent Mound- Andy Goldsworthy, Reconstructed Icicles, Dumfriesshir

These are all site specific sculptures, meaning they were designed specifically for the physical place we find them. Often they are referred to as earthworks or land art. Examine and discuss all three of these works. Your answer for all three works should include:

Who is the artist (if known)?
From what era and culture is the sculpture?
How is the meaning of gallery sculpture different than other sculpture?
What gives meaning to the sculpture, or why is it important?
Think about how many galleries/museums have sculptures that were made in an artist’s studio and then sold to any place that could afford them.
Have you been to a sculpture garden? How many of those objects were designed for the site?

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