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List three examples of plagiarism and discuss how plagiarizing as a student affects the integrity of a baccalaureate degree, the public perception of the nursing profession, and evidence-based practice. Describe two things you will do to ensure academic integrity in your work.

When answering the main discussion questions, please be mindful that a question may have several parts. To earn full points, you need to address each part of the question substantively. Therefore, I strongly suggest you title and answer each portion of the question separately in a question and answer (Q & Q&A) format (Please review ‘headings’ on the APA manual). For example, the first discussion post, in week 1, has the following discussion question “Discuss why you have decided to complete your BSN at this time, and the concerns you have about achieving your baccalaureate degree. Based on the readings in the course materials, what strategies can you implement to be a successful student?

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