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How do you anticipate integrating this role into your current or future career? As healthcare presents with an increased complexity it provokes an increased need for the DNP scholar in healthcare (Beeber et al., 2019). As a future DNP scholar, I plan to integrate the knowledge and skills obtained to aid in translating evidence into practice. The translation is critical as the world searches for the best evidence-based research to win the war on COVID 19. Adding value to the community by disseminating knowledge via health fairs and printed information on posters, newspapers, mail, and email.

Compare faculty DNP-prepared nurse educator activities to the activities of the clinical DNP-prepared nurse educator in a healthcare organization or to mentoring or education activities of the DNP-prepared healthcare systems leader. McNett et al., (2021) imply that a DNP-prepared nurse training consists of a variety of teaching skills and applying knowledge as it relates to task and decision making. Much of the DNP-prepared nurse educator’s work focuses on ensuring that nurses have the skills and knowledge to function in the healthcare arena. Haghighi et al., (2017) suggest that the DNP-prepared nurse has multiple roles and is not limited to academia in school settings but also in the clinical healthcare arena.
Christiansen & Champion (2018) highlight the role of the clinical DNP-prepared nurse educator. The authors suggest The DNP clinical educator’s primary focus is on the translation of evidence into practice. This is evoked by quality improvement to produce better outcomes. The overarching goal of the DNP-prepared nurse clinical educator is to improve and transform the healthcare system and patient outcomes.

Although notable differences between the DNP-prepared nurse educator and the DNP-prepared clinical educator exist. They both identify evidence-based practice as an integral component of healthcare quality and safety (McNett et al., 2021). They both play a major role in shaping the healthcare system, and providers, and improving patient outcomes.

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