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If you have not done so already, watch the following video clips titled Dear 16-year-old Me and #NewFamilyRule. Then go to the Skin Cancer Foundation website to read a brief overview of the FDA New Sunscreen labeling rules.

  1. Video Link: Dear 16-year-old Me
  2. Video Link: #NewFamilyRule
  3. Article Link: FDA New Sunscreen Labeling Rules
    Create an original thread with YOUR NAME AS THE TITLE and addressing the following bullet points:
    o List at least two pros and/or two cons of each video. Which video do you think would influence people to better protect themselves and their family and friends from getting skin cancer? Why or Why not? (4 pts.)
    o Provide your reaction to the videos. How did these clips make you feel? What steps have you taken to protect yourself and/or your family and friends? If you have done nothing what changes could you make? (4 pt.)
    o The FDA issued new Sunscreen labeling rules in the summer of 2011. What are three new rules when it comes to Sunscreen Labeling? (3 pts.)
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