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Final Case Study

Design a viable strategy for a company in Global Software Industry. Specific requirement is in the attachment. Reference should be 3-5. An example is in the file.

Final case study for Global software Industry

Course Objectives
The course objective shall be to provide students with a thorough integrated view of the global economy via a multi-disciplinary approach. We shall cover all of the major areas , ranging from the financial to political organization.

Please design a viable strategy for a company in your industry. Some factors may include: For the health care sector – need for customer proximity, for the pharmaceutical area regulatory and distribution issues, for e commerce on marketing strategy and regulatory, for luxury cars on availability of skilled labor.

In the case of shipping, you shall want to assess constraints posed by local port regulations and / or laws forcing transport of certain goods by national flag carriers. For the insurance sector you may be concerned by an obligation to reinsure locally.

You have identified a potentially profitable new foreign market. Please explain what factors would be most important in the case of your specific industry .List these. Also, what form of organization you shall adopt to best suit your needs.

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