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Approaches to case

1) History

2) Current Status

3) Mission and Vision

4) SWOT Analysis

5) HR. Marketing, Acquisition, strategies Human Resources etc.

6) Financial Analysis

7) Recommendations

Company is Starbucks
I want to elaborate on the financial analysis I am expecting in your papers. This must get done.

1) Identify all sources of revenue example identify all revenue segments ( Revenue and profit are not the same)

2) Identify which segment has the greatest growth vs prior year and prior 5 years

3) Identify why is the segment growing or not growing

4) Identify the most profitable segment vs prior year and 5 years prior

5) Identify major expense compare to prior year ( Are these expense growth reasonable? Why?

6) Vertical Analysis for the last three years on the Income Statement – Anything noticeable?

7 How does any latest balance sheet change impact Company’s Strategy?

8 How is the company financed? Any major changes in Balance sheet if so where? How does this impact the company’s strategy?

9 Is the stock price rising?

10 Financial ratios that must accompany you paper- 5 years of data- Please observe the trends from these ratios

1) Current Ratio-

2) Quick Ratio

3) Average Collection period

4) Debt Ratio

5) Gross Profit margin

6) Net Profit Margin

7)Return on Assets

8 Return in Equity

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