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  1. Analyze the firm’s internal resources via a VRIO analysis. What about the Resourced Base
    View (RBV) of the Firm?
  2. Does the firm have a core competency(s)? If so, does this core competency provide for a
    competitive advantage?
  3. Review: Competitor Analysis/Benchmark Company: Have you selected a suitable
  4. Ratio Analysis. Included with an internal analysis are key ratios. Ratio Analysis: Provide a
    discussion of the firm’s key Ratios, especially in comparison to a Benchmark Company (include
    DuPont Analysis). Collect 5 years of data for analysis. Include an Altman Z-Score graph (5 years)
    in the analysis. Use most recent Annual Report (do not use Quarterly report). Discuss what the
    numbers suggest about your company’s financial health. You must use Excel to generate graphs,
    tables, etc. Please note: anything copied from internet sites (including graphs, tables, etc.) will
    not be accepted. You must also attach your Excel spreadsheet to your final paper for
    Example Walmart Inc. http://financials.morningstar.com/competitors/industrypeer.action?t=WMT
  5. SWOT Profile – construct a table from your External and Internal Analysis research:
    (1) List of Strengths
    (2) List of Weaknesses
    (3) List of Opportunities
    (4) List of Threats
  6. Discuss in detail each SWOT point in the table.
  7. Problem Statement – Develop a problem statement as a result of your SWOT Profile. A problem
    statement summarizes and prioritizes the key issues facing the company. All firms have problems but for
    well-run firms like Apple it’s not always obvious. You will, therefore, need to do a considerable amount
    of research. Prioritize problems.
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