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Background: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated elections systems as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. The DHS Information Analysis Directorate was designed to analyze intelligence and information from other Intelligence Community (IC) partners (including the CIA, FBI, DIA NSA) involving threats to the homeland and evaluate vulnerabilities of the nation’s infrastructure.

DHS intelligence reporting is intended to be support state and local law enforcement, but many of those entities consider DHS reports as irrelevant and uninformative. In many cases, law enforcement still reports that state fusion centers provide better, more timely information than DHS.

Assignment: As a DHS intelligence analyst, write an intelligence report on the threat to U.S. National Elections to inform state and local agencies. Include:

Description of the complex and wide-ranging threats facing our elections.

Identify the threat actors.
Describe the Intelligence Community strategy for countering these threats.

Describe the roles, responsibilities and technical capabilities of the primary IC partners (i.e. ODNI, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) in supporting DHS.
Summarize DHS roles and responsibilities.

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