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Continue to work in your role as the CEO of a regional company in your industry (Nike). This week, you will
create a presentation for your Board of Directors that demonstrates the Performance Plan for your company
(Nike), using the following research and analysis tools:
Explain which of the entry strategies (pioneering, imitative, or adaptive) you will use for your company. Be
certain that you identify which products or services you think present a good opportunity for expansion.
Compare your strategy to that of your competitor.
Conduct a value chain analysis of the functions of the business that you think will contribute most heavily to the
plan for expansion, and identify the ways that this value chain can create a competitive advantage against your
Using one of the profitability frameworks or the financial statements of the company, explain how the new
ventures will be profitable for the firm in the next five years.
Establish at least one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) by which you will measure the success of your shortterm and long-term goals.
Your presentation should break each part into a separate section using the following template , with a minimum
of 150 words for each section and 2 citations and references. Please also include a graph somewhere in your
presentation that explains your plans for taking your company forward into the next five years (Note: You may
consider using a Gantt chart or any other type of chart that you think clearly communicates your ideas for the

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