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Set up and write your own blog during the semester. You will regularly reflect on current
issues in relation to Future Societies and contemplate these in diary-like entries. You will
pick topics from the course but can also include reflections on issues you select yourself
and which relate to the overall course topic.
The creation of your Future Societies Blog will take the form of regular updates of your
progress in choosing, designing, developing and understanding current issues in the world
of economics, politics and culture. The way in which you discuss these topics is up to you
but when reading your blog it should be clear that you are making a serious and concerted
effort to discuss current developments and case studies concerning the idea of future societies.
Each blog entry should:
§ Define the topic/issue of discussion
§ Integrate research (websites, videos, articles, books)
§ Offer a contextual account (different perspectives)
§ Include your own personal opinion

Please note that plagiarism rules apply. Use APA referencing.
§ Each blog entry should have a title that reflects the main topic of discussion clearly.
§ When composing entries, the normal rules of assignment writing apply. This means
that you must observe orthography and grammar.
§ In line with convention, you do not have to write in an academic style but can choose
a more journalistic tone. However, do not adopt a causal or informal style. Similarly,
you must refrain from using any vulgar or obscene language.
§ Reference sources in APA by using in-text citations; this includes general
acknowledgements or paraphrased sections.
§ Anything quoted verbatim must be indicated as such through inverted commas (“”)
and provided with a correct in-text citation.
§ No more than 15% of the total blog text should be direct quotations.
§ Your entries should contain research in the form of relevant links, images, videos,
articles and books that support your text.
§ Each blog entry should have a brief reference list at the bottom.
§ For a high grade, you must include three academic sources in your blog. Please see
the rubrics for specifics.

Here I want to provide relevant topics and for each topic you need to write blog entry( at least137 per one topic)

  1. The antropocene:climate change and biodiversity loss
    2.Planetary boundaries and Deep adaptation
    3.The world after coronavirus
  2. Measures against Violence
  3. Global Governance-The state
  4. Global governence: The UK after brexit
  5. Gender
    8.Human nature:social identity and culture-rasism
    AND two topics you can choose that you want but please it should be about future societies or just simply use links below
    Links which you might use in order to write a blog entry(They correlate with the topics above, will be perfect if you use them)
  6. https://grist.org/climate/skeptics-2/
  7. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/transformation/unacknowledged-fictions-of-yuval-harari/
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/sep/19/why-cant-we-agree-on-whats-true-anymore
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