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Part 4: Group Presentation (due end of Week 7; 12% of final grade)
The final step in your Interdisciplinary Group Project is to put together an audiovisual presentation of 10-12
minutes in length. Your group is a panel of experts on your topic and your audience is the Maryland State
Legislature, so be sure that your presentation is formal, informative, engaging, and to-the-point. Your
presentation will answer the following questions:
What is the issue/problem you would like to address on behalf of older adults? This should be stated clearly in
your opening statement.
What is the multidisciplinary evidence that supports the idea that there is a true need? Here, you should
incorporate the scholarly and credible resources that you used in your research assignment. If you are making
a PowerPoint slideshow, be sure to use in-text citations for any evidence you present as fact. If you are making
a video, you can cite your sources as you speak. For example, “A 2018 study by Smith and Jones found
that….” In this way, you are showing your audience that your arguments are grounded in research. Without
these citations, your audience will assume that you are merely expressing an opinion, and that, of course, has
less impact. Please include a reference list at the end of your presentation or submit it with your presentation in
the assignments folder.
What is the interdisciplinary recommendation your group is making to support older adults?
What is your “ask?” What do you hope to gain from your presentation?

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