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Read the article: The effect of literacy on women’s health.pdf. While the article is rather old (from 2004), I chose it because it is heartwarming but also a collection of stories where health literacy affected a patient’s health status. After reading the article, my hope is your eyes will be opened and you will look at patient noncompliance in a different way.
Answer the following questions: Should healthcare organizations and providers ultimately be the one responsible for ensuring patients understand their health condition, the care provided, and the interventions used to treat them? Do you think it is fair for a patient to file a malpractice suit because of their illiteracy? Why or why not? Now, several years after this article was published, how could current healthcare technology and trends be implemented to improve health outcomes for these women?
Your submission should be constructed using a Word document and uploaded to this link by 11:59 EST on Sunday of Module 6. Your combined total word count for the assignment should be no less than 2000 words. Make sure you review the grading rubric prior to submitting your assignment to ensure your submission meets the requirements for full credit

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