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Look up all APA in the Library Link below. Be sure to include all criteria listed in the directions and rubric. You must include information from all four of your weekly readings in your Interview assignments. Each answer should be preceded by the question (summarized) into a brief (2-3 key words) Level 1 APA Heading followed by your substantial answer in at least 4-6 complete sentences with an APA personal communication citation. The Personal Reflection at the end of the paper should also be placed under a Level 1 APA Heading (the Personal Reflection is the only part of the paper that can be written in first person; the body of the paper should be written in third person). Your content needs to be at least 3 full pages (double spaced with 1″ margins all around). It must be submitted in MS WORD (the file will end with .doc or ,docx); no pdf’s or other formats will be accepted. Please incorporate my feedback from previous assignments (see the Rubric and the APA Library Link below; there is a Tab “Personal Communication” for more information).

Two assigned readings for this week that must be included in this interview assignment:

  1. Read, include information, cite, and reference in your assignment pp. 81-84 from Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality (Links to an external site.)
  1. Find and read a peer reviewed article (written in the last 5 years) on Evidenced-based Practice (EBP) from the SCF online library
  2. Read “Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice” (Tutorial)

https://guides.mclibrary.duke.edu/ebmtutorial (Links to an external site.)

  1. Read “Five Deming Principles That Help Healthcare Process Improvement” Download Five Deming Principles That Help Healthcare Process Improvement”

https://sso.scf.edu/_layouts/PG/login ***

APA Library Link

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