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A. Which historical development presented in units 3 or 4 has shaped your family heritage or personal values? Explain both the development and the personal connection in detail.
B. Which event or figure from units 3 or 4 provides worthwhile themes for spiritual reflection? Explain both the historical developments and your spiritual observations with specific information.
C. How would a leader in your church or denomination evaluate an event or person in unit 3 or 4? Address multiple aspects of the event or person if appropriate.
D. Describe a film (entertainment or documentary) you have seen which portrays an event or person discussed units 3 or 4. Provide a critical review of the film, addressing two or more of the following questions. Which aspects of the event or person’s life are emphasized? Which aspects are not emphasized? Which aspects seem to be based on historical sources? Which aspects appear to be based on the filmmaker’s own views and/or imagination?

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