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  1. Historical Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of
    Cash Flows) from the 3 most current years for the firm. These should be downloaded
    from the SEC website. The financial statements must include horizontal (shown
    between the years) and vertical analysis (shown to the right of the last year of
    historical data).
  2. Ratio analysis for the ratios shown on Table 1 in the Guide to Case Analysis (CA) of
    the textbook:
    a. Profitability ratios
    b. Liquidity ratios
    c. Leverage ratios
    d. Activity ratios
    e. Price-to-earnings ratio
    f. The changes between years are included in the calculations.
  3. Competitor ratios to compare with the ratios that were calculated in item 2. These
    should be included on the same tab as the ratio analysis for the firm.
  4. Financial analysis should include comparisons to the firm’s main competitor as well
    as to the industry. How does the financial position of the firm influence the strategic
    direction of the company? This section should not be used to define what each ratio
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