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Develop a project plan for a custom homebuilding course project. Each unit builds on the previous unit, thereby resulting in a project plan for a home. You will determine the style of home and use this to develop the project scope and requirements. The plan begins with the project charter and the collection of initial requirements. For those unfamiliar with the homebuilding process, research the homebuilding process on external websites for further information.
Part A: The Project Charter
Once you have familiarized yourself with the homebuilding process, the next step is to charter the project. Populating the project charter requires at least a general idea of the home that you intend to build (e.g., brick, stucco, tiny home). You may use a template to create the charter. Some templates are provided below, but many others may be found on the internet through a search.
See the charter template examples below.
 Project Charter Toolkit webpage
 Project Charter Template webpage
Part B: Requirements Collection Spreadsheet
For this step, you may interview a friend, family member, colleague, or use your own requirements for a homebuilding project. As in the case of the charter, you may use project requirements templates by searching on the internet. Include at least 25 requirements for your home.

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