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How English colonization in North America affected Native American and English society in the 17th century

Respond to the following question cogently without copying the words from the texts or any online source. You must critically and analytically write the essay with concrete terms.
"Critically analyze how English colonization in North America affected Native American and English society in the 17th century."
The following three subtopics must be discuss the essay:
1. Economic motivation
2. Alliance and warfare
3. Economic and Political changes in England (This portion might require some readings of other sources)
-Used the following texts to gather ideas/information:
Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States, Combined Volume Third Edition by Jones.
The Struggle for Democracy, Tenth Edition by Greenberg.
The essay will be evaluated on the basis of the following:
A. Responds to the problem.
The problems have no single correct answer, but the better responses utilize the major historical/political development(s) referenced in the problem and appropriate rhetorical strategies, i.e., definition, explanation, comparison-contrast, etc.
B. Makes good use of the readings.
All ideas or information drawn from the text, whether quoted or paraphrased, must be cited. Avoid direct quotation from the texts, paraphrase and summarize using your own words, but give a parenthetical reference using the author?s last name and the page where you have found the information.
C. Has a clear and complete thesis.
This is a sentence that contains the purpose of your essay. It names your subject and makes a statement about the subject. It briefly presents what you will develop in the following paragraphs that constitute the essay.
D. Exhibits organization and coherence.
The purpose is accomplished with a clear, logical sequence of supporting points, and each part of the essay supports the purpose.
E. Utilizes well-crafted sentences and paragraphs.
Make the effort to proof read and revise for spelling, grammar and syntax. Verify that each paragraph has one idea expressed in a topic sentence with appropriate supporting sentences.

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