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All religions and world-views tell a story about humanity’s problems and the solution to those problems. Unfortunately, most Christians cannot tell the basic story of Christianity. They know some parts (Noah, King David, Moses, or Jesus’ miracles) but they are unable to clearly and succinctly explain the basic story that Christianity tells. In this final paper, you will tell the basic story of Christianity in a conversational format to someone who doesn’t understand it.
1) Carefully watch these two Bible Project videos: “Khata/Sin” and “Sacrifice and Atonement”. (You may want to watch them multiple times and even take notes.)
Sacrifice & Atonement

2) Papers should be between 700 and 1000 words. Remember to base your explanation on the examples, teachings, and insights from the videos!

3) Write a conversational response (as if you were talking to someone at a coffee shop) to the following prompt: (Papers are due by THURSDAY of the final week)

“I’ve never heard anyone clearly explain the story of Christianity before and I don’t get what Christianity is all about. Everyone I know is basically a good person so I don’t understand why I need to be “saved” from anything. And what’s up with Jesus? He’s obviously a good teacher and helps people, but why does he have to die? It just don’t get it.”

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