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In the second component of DBMS project, there are 5 specific MS ACCESS exercises that students are required to complete.

The 5 MS ACCESS exercises are intended to familiarise students with essentials of HRIS DBMS systems. Subject areas that will be covered include:

Building and Using Access Tables.
Building and Using Queries.
Creating and Using Forms.
Creating and Using Reports.
Modifying the Database Structure.
Creating Multiple Table Queries.
Enhancing Forms.
Analysing Data with Reports.
Creating Advanced Queries.
Creating Advanced Reports.
Creating Macros.
Administering the Database.

In preparing for the second component of assignment 2, you need make certain the following directives are adhered to;

1)      The answers to the five MS ACCESS exercises should all be put into a ZIP format.

-There is therefore an inability to offer unbiased and comprehensive choices to the clients


of skills not encouraged or rewarded and any training has to be on the employees own time and at a cost to the employee

-No Autonomy in job.

The State Managers make decisions, then roll them out to the employees who have to do exactly what they are told and sell exactly how they
are told to sell.

5.Health and Well being of Employees

-Tom Barker was getting depressed

-This lead to him having days of work (sickies)

5.Fair Reward and Pay

-Employees think that the their pay, rewards and job benefits are not fair across the members ofthe company.


State Managers get bonuses, corporate credit cards, Mercedes company cars etc.

-Other employees who are “friends” ofthe Managers get

bonuses when other employees getting the same results do not.

For your recommendations try and think of what the company or the State

Manager Luke could do to improve the employees job satisfaction and development.

Eg. Introduce more products for the employees to sell,

giving more choice to the clients, allowing the employees to give better unbiased recommendations and thus hopefully increasing

Eg.Let the company schedule in regular paid training to help develop the employees and thus create more knowledgeable and

skilled sales people, thus also helping to increase sales and make the employees feel they are valued and are being developed.

One important thing is the presentation should include our book. The book is “An excellent additional textbook is Robbins, S., Judge, T,
Millett, B. 8. Boyle, M. (2011) Organisational Behaviour; Sixth Edition, Pearson, Frenchs Forest.” But ifu do not have the book or cant
open the book from internet, it dosent matter, i got all lecture PPT for you, at least using one source oflecture, but better using two

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