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Imagine you have been hired to help a new organization improve its human capital plan. The existing plan is outdated and is yielding poor results (e.g., high turnover, dissatisfied employees, difficulty in attracting and retaining talent, etc.). Your first task is to design and develop a human capital plan. The owner’s vision is to improve upon the human capital plan with the expectation that this improvement will also enhance the overall performance of the organization. You will be presenting your plan to the executive board.

For the purpose of this assignment, please include the following aspects:

Provide an organizational profile that includes mission/vision, and strategy of the organization
Identify and evaluate the current Human Capital plan
Based on your evaluation, propose a new human capital plan that includes:

An explanation the new organizational staffing process for that organization
A descriptions of the entire Employee Life Cycle (ELC) for your chosen organization
A complete a comprehensive workforce analysis that also depicts the internal and external environmental factors
Newly created performance standards for the workforce and also discuss how strengths and weaknesses will be effectively communicated. Be sure to discuss the performance tools that will be used to capture and track employee performance data and help management provide accurate feedback to employees.
After doing this, explain how your proposal will improve the human capital plan and thus the organization’s overall performance.

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