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Select a research topic either selected from the list below, Potential research topics include:
Gender and Psychological Reaction to Specific Noise
Gender and Singer Preference
Gum Chewing and Concentration on Simple Cognitive Tasks
Influence of Positive and Negative Ads
Reaction to Violated Social Norms
Social Networking and “real life” interaction
Learning and Color Experiment
Information and Short-term Memory
Personality and Musical Preference
Gender and Short-term Memory
Review at least six scholarly literature related to your potential research topic. Include a list of the six research articles reviewed in APA format as part of your submission.
Select 3 of the scholarly works you reviewed and write an annotated bibliography for each that informs the key points of the potential research topic. Summarize each piece of literature by addressing the following
Author information
Who is the author? What is her/his background? Is the author qualified to write this document?
Author’s purpose
What is the author’s purpose in writing this literature or doing this research?
Author bias
Does the author show any biases or make assumptions upon which the rationale of the literature rests? If so, what are they?
What methods did the author use to obtain the data?
Author conclusion
What conclusions does the author draw? Are these conclusions specifically stated or implied?
Assessment of conclusions
Are the conclusions justified from the research or experience?
Are the conclusions in sync with the original purpose of the research and supported by the data?
Are the conclusions skewed by bias?
Assessment of the literature’s quality and relevancy to the potential research topic
Is the work current? ○ Does it conflict with conventional wisdom, established scholarship, government policy, etc.?
How is the literature relevant to the potential research topic? Explain.

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