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Would you consider yourself intelligent? How would you define intelligence? Measuring intelligence has been a part of the educational psychology discourse for many years. There are many ways to define and measure the intelligence of a person. You will be taking two different intelligence tests: an I.Q. test and a multiple intelligences test. Take the Free I.Q. Test (Links to an external site.) available at the IQ test for free website and the multiple intelligences test (Links to an external site.) available at the Literacy Works website. Using this experience along with the information from our reading assignment this week respond to the following questions:

· How do these two different tests measure intelligence?

· Which test do you think was more reflective of your intellectual ability? Why?

· How do you feel about the practice of I.Q. testing?

· In reviewing your results, what did you learn about I.Q. testing?

· How does your experience connect with the information from the text on I.Q.?

· Could I.Q. testing be used as a valid tool in the teaching-learning process? Why or why not?

· Why are I.Q. tests problematic? Consider diverse student populations.

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