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You have been appointed as an international business consultant for an upcoming high-profile UK SME based in London. One of their key objectives for 2022-23 is to tap into the Chinese market for their “UHT milk for children aged from (3-11 years)”. The company is expected to focus on specific target audiences (within Chinese market) that would see UHT milk from UK as a better proposition compared to the current local options. Having access to international suppliers, the business fully intends to make use of the UK’s reputation as a land of quality, reliability, and transparency. Pre-school aged children and upwards are the ideal age to be ambassadors for the products due to their comprehension of what they like and dislike.
International Business report should contain:
• Executive Summary
 You are required to submit business report constituting the elements mentioned below:
• Introduction (Industry background, should be supported by relevant facts and figures)
Business drivers behind company’s expansion into the given country. Students should indicate the factors under relevant sub-headings and supported by necessary references (students are expected to conduct PESTEL or Five forces analyses or any relevant trade theories which would lead them to identify key business drivers. Marks would be awarded for productively applying the chosen models/frameworks which highlight significant business drivers for internationalisation
• Trade Barriers
Students should highlight at least four trade barriers in the given context, Students should also demonstrate the business uncertainties and opportunities created by the trade policies of the national government of the target market.
• Ethical and social issues to be considered by the UK SME.
Students should highlight the importance of corporate social responsibility when operating internationally in the given context.
• Cultural preferences to be Considered by the business
Students should highlight the significance of culture within various activities associated with international Business in the Chinese market.

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