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Your group is an International Marketing team working for a U.S. company based in a foreign
country. Your group’s responsibility is to position the company and its products and/or services
in the best possible way to international consumers. It is essential for International Marketing
Managers to conduct continuous research and analysis to understand and discover the latest
global trends, develop products/services that meet demands of international consumers, and
establish competitive and profitable pricing strategies.

This assignment is to develop a comprehensive and well-researched case study for the company,
country/region, and products/services that your group presented in the “Introduction and SWOT
Overview” assignment (part 1).

(This is a group project and for the middle portion so there does not necessarily need to be a big
introduction on the whole case study)

Paragraphs need to be on:

Assessing Global Market Opportunities: This section should include more in-depth presentation
on the following: 1) economic and demographic; 2) cultural, sociological, and political climate;
3) overview of market condition; 4) summary of the technological environments; 5) competitive
situation. Quantitative analysis should be presented where applicable.

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