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Imagine that you are scheduled to interview a practicing psychologist about what his/her job is like. This is known as an “information interview.” If you could only ask 5 ethics-related questions what would they be? Give this careful thought.
You only have 5 questions–what key aspects of the profession, with ethics particularly in mind, will you focus on
Write your 5 questions and below each inquiry provide a hypothetical response. How would your interviewee answer each
Note: You do not have to be an expert on professional ethics to complete this assignment. Base the responses on what you have learned about professional ethics
• Introduction
• Question 1
• Answer 1

• Question 2
• Answer 2

• Question 3
• Answer 3

• Question 4
• Answer 4

• Question 5
• Answer 5

• Conclusion
Please include at least 3-5 scholarly resources throughout your paper.

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