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Involvement of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Memory Deletion

Provide a brief introduction to the topic, placing it in a broad context in neurobiology and citing important previous work. Briefly state the question and hypothesis which you will be addressing in your paper, the experimental approach(es) used and the key observations (findings) that relate to your question.  Then, discuss your topic via a critique of the relevant papers. Indicate how a paper does or does not support your hypothesis. If possible, suggest a different experimental approach (or approaches) to the problem.

Sources: Choose 3-5 original, definitive research articles published in refereed scientific journals within the last 5 years, which relate specifically to your topic.
A few sources are attached but only two of them strongly relate to my hypothesis therefore another source or two might be needed (cannot be published earlier than 2009)

Question: Is hippocampal neurogenesis involved in memory extinction?
Hypothesis: Hippocampal neurogenesis plays a critical role in the extinction of memory.
(can be modified if need be)

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