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In Teach Like a Disciple, you read about Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler. This encounter provides us with another example of Jesus as the perfect
teacher. In a 2-3 page reflection paper, share your answers to the following questions. You may write in first-person, but be sure to use APA formatting in your
On page 26, Lederhouse says “providing the opportunity to learn content and mastering the content are not synonymous.” What does this statement mean
and how does it apply to you as both a student and a teacher?
Lederhouse notes that it can benefit students when teachers let them fail. Share about a time that you failed. What did you learn from the failure and how did
that experience help you grow as a person. How will you help your students fail and use their failures as learning opportunities?
Lederhouse says that good teachers hold high expectations for their students, even while being understanding of their unique situations. As a Special
Education teacher, what does this mean? What specific actions might you need to take to support individual student needs without compromising your

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