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In a simple (4 paragraph) paper note the following information:
Using the Nursing and Allied Health Database from the College Library and the CINAHL
Data Base, select a Scholarly Study that researches some aspect of this week’s lesson (i.e.;
PTSD, ASD, Dissociative Disorder, EMDR, Prolonged exposure therapy, Biofeedback, etc.)
Choose a topic you are interested in, that supports the information within the lesson, and one
that you want to learn more about.

  1. Accurately describe the purpose of the study with detail and supporting information.
  2. Accurately describe how the study was conducted and what assessment methods were used.
    Support with detail.
  3. Accurately describe the ultimate findings of the study and what was learned as a result of the
    study. Support with detail.
  4. Note your personal thoughts on the relevance, implications, and importance of the study.
    Support it with detail.
  5. Use proper spelling and grammar. Cite the study in APA format (database should offer it).
    IF you have any other questions please email me, it will be the fastest way to contact I will upload a copy of the instructions from the instructor as well
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