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  • Develop a paper which analyzes a key strategic issue the Air Force/military is facing in relation to the Great Power Competition. Construct your essay as described below:

Part 1: Issue (~50 words). Clarify one key strategic issue that your organization is facing that requires accelerated change. This needs to be as succinct and as clear as you can make it.

Part 2: Background (~200 words). Describe the factors, which may include social, political, organizational (local, regional, AF wide, etc.), and resource constraints/surpluses, that have combined to give rise to this strategic issue. What aspects of VUCA apply? [In other words “why” is this a strategic issue?] This section should also identify key stakeholders and leaders that bear directly on the problem, organizational processes, and polices that are relevant, etc., to the discussion.

Part 3: Analysis (~550 words). Identify the strategic tasks and competencies required to address the strategic issue. Some areas to consider are:

Reprioritization of physical, monetary, or human resources
Areas where cross-cultural competency (to include joint, international, interagency, etc.) could be improved
Communications or negotiations with stakeholders
Policy changes
Areas for innovation (mission, organization, processes, etc.)
Areas for leadership development within your organization
Ethical Considerations

Part 4: Implementation (~300 words). Describe the course(s) of action that you would take (if you are the person in authority to make these decisions), or identify the person (or people) who do have authority to address the issue and what you would recommend to them.

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