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In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words)

People often agree on leadership principles. Unfortunately, the consistent practice of leadership within teams is often missing, which leads to many challenges, such as stress and work–life balance.

Explore the organization in which you currently work or a prior work experience.

Select 2 leaders in the organization (ideally, top leaders who have an influence over team design). Then, complete the following:

Reflect on the level of alignment between the leaders’ words and their past practices and decisions.
Discuss how the influence of that alignment (or lack thereof) affects the team.
Review your peers’ responses, and contribute your thoughts on leadership. Your reading and follow-up response to a fellow student’s discussion reply should not be a general acceptance of his or her opinion; rather, it should be something that challenges the student to defend his or her stated response. Your response can also present an alternate idea or additional analysis.

To get you started, think about how this pertains to your work, sports, church, or school history. If none of these apply, think of how leadership works in your family structure. Take those experiences and apply them to how they will pertain to leaders who have influence over team design. Have their actions aligned with their words? How did this influence you and the team?

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