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The Learning Activities are short written assignments which require you to apply the knowledge
you have gained in a creative and subjective way.
Read over the appropriate Learning Activity instructions before you begin the module: week, so
you can be formulating a strategy for the assignment as you proceed through the material. Each
Learning Activity must be well-structured, be carefully edited and revised, and demonstrate
knowledge and application of the concepts studied in the readings for that module: week.
Each Learning Activity must be 300–350 words and include the word count in parentheses. If
any outside sources are used, they must adhere to current APA format.
You will first submit a draft of each Learning Activity to be checked through Turnitin so you can
make adjustments prior to your final submission. Please note that the draft submission is
optional. Submit your draft by Thursday at 11:59 P.M. (ET) before the final assignment is due in
order to receive feedback on it.
In the beginning of the course, you were introduced to what is known as a paradigm shift that
occurs within cultures. We have examined some of these within our study of Western culture and
have learned how they had a tremendous influence on people’s behaviors and beliefs.
Review the item Watch: Summary of Our Study on Western Culture, found in the Learn
section of Module 8: Week 8. After you have viewed this presentation, describe what you feel
has been the most influential paradigm shift in Western Culture that has affected America. I am
not looking for a particular person but events. Provide concrete reasons that clarify your position.

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