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Prepare a page, double-spaced book review as a Microsoft Word document using APA current Edition guidelines. The course project must include a title page, an introduction, the body, summary and conclusion paragraph(s), and a reference page. The template provided for the course project will assist you in ensuring that you are meeting APA paper guidelines. The goal in this course project is to synthesize all your resources learned and demonstrate your knowledge by addressing, discussing, comparing, contrasting, interpreting, and distinguishing the subject matter in your review.
The course project paper must include a title page, an introduction, business rules, the ER diagrams and the SQL schema, stored procedures, views and triggers and how to run the program and sample screenshots.
A separate cover page indicating the title of your project, the full name (with e-mail), the course number.
An introduction section. (same as in proposal).
Entity Relationship Model diagram using ER notation. Include all the ER diagrams.
The collection of normalized relations and functional dependencies, and a brief discussion as to the normal form(s) achieved, the methods used to achieve these normal forms.
The SQL DDL used to create the tables and add primary key and foreign key constraints. (CREATE and INSERT statements).
All the stored procedures and functions and triggers created in the project.
Conclusion of what you learned and what can be improved in the project.
Need to include MS file of the Library Management System as well

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