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  1. What are the three main categories of rock from a geologic view (the three types in the Rock Cycle), and how are they formed?
  2. Plot and calculate the LL of the following data (#blows, %m): (9,40), (15,37), (35,33), (36,30). Show the CORRECT graph.
  3. What are the two kinds of processes that break rock down into sediment? Briefly describe.
  4. Two types of geologically deposited soils:
    a. Residual and excavated
    b. Silty and windy
    c. Residual and transported
    d. Brown and gray
    e. Colluvium and Archastic
  5. The four major types of soils (in terms of particle size) in construction are:
  6. If a soil sample starting dry weight is 400 grams, it is washed through a #200 sieve and dried, and weighed again at 340 grams, what is the soil’s LBW? Show work.
  7. The 3 main physical states of clay (in a volume-moisture relationship) are __, _, and __.
  8. How many blows per second is the liquid limit device cranked?
  9. What is “PI”? How is PI calculated? If an LL is 35 and PL is 20, what is the PI?
  10. Liquid Limit is the lower moisture limit of what state of clay? Draw the diagram showing the moisture contents vs. states of clay.
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