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Acting as an external management consultant, you are required to write a 1,500-word (MAXIMUM) report to Dan and Sam Pombear (the joint CEOs and Directors of Fantastic Events & Tents).
The 1,500-word report must cover the following 3 sections:

  1. Using the information from the case study, and a wide range of relevant theory, identify and analyse the issues arising in Fantastic Events & Tents. You MUST draw on and apply a range of theories relating to THREE of the following topics from the MAPIO syllabus to support your analysis.
    • Motivation, Performance & Reward
    • Organisational Structure
    • Organisational Culture
    • Change Management
    • Purcell’s People Performance Model
    • Leadership & Management
    Please note, higher marks are likely to be awarded for those students who incorporate and apply additional frameworks from across the MAPIO syllabus.
  2. Based on your analysis in part 1. above, you should draw conclusions identifying thekey issues facing the company.
  3. Outline TWO recommendations to address the issues identified in your analysis and,explain how these should be implemented. These should be based on your broader studies of the MAPIO syllabus. The recommendations must be presented as a table, with one column for recommendations and the objectives, a second column for your justification and a third column for the implementation. There is no requirement to include theory or references in the recommendations section.
    This report should go beyond simple ‘identification’ of issues to include discussion of why particularissues are significant. Work with less than 9 theories applied, and less than FIVE different academic sources (academic textbook, academic e-book, academic journal,professional journal) is unlikely to have sufficient depth/ detail to pass the module.
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