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turn-it-in submission, iThenticate similarity score of less than 20%
The assignment will apply the knowledge gained in the course covering every lecture topic to a starch system. The assignment should be written under each heading/section provided below. Each heading/section should be of around 250 words (1500 characters) or more, except Introduction and References sections. There is no penalty for a shorter or a longer report (such as <3000 words or 1.5-2 times of the limit). Each heading/section should cite more than 3 references. The assignment can include not more than one figure or table per section.

  1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs- composition, importance in food and objective of this literature review)- 5 marks
  2. Size-property relationships
    (Examples: how the starch granules of different plant foods vary and influence the properties of respective products.)- 10 marks
  3. Starch nanoparticles
    (Examples: starch nanoparticles’ properties and application….)- 10 marks
  4. Protein nanoparticle-starch composites
    (Examples: how the protein-starch composite nanoparticles influence the starch functionality, starch protein lipid complex nanoparticles…..)- 10 marks
  5. Gel properties of starch
    (Examples: gel properties of starch and starch derivatives, mechanism, properties and application…)- 10 marks
  6. Phase transition properties of starch
    (Examples: gelatinisation, crystallisation and glass transition properties of starch….)- 10 marks
  7. Microstructure of starch
    (Examples: Microstructure of native and gelatinised starch, influence of starch on microstructure of foods…)- 10 marks
  8. Interfacial properties of starch
    (Examples: emulsification properties of starch particles- such as pickering emulsion, stickiness properties of cooked starch, modification of starch to manipulate the interfacial properties….)- 10 marks
  9. Freezing of starch
    (Example: Effect of freezing/thawing on the starch properties, applications…)- 10 marks
  10. 3D printing of starch
    (Example: 3D and 4D printability of starch…)- 10 marks
  11. Texture, rheology and tribology of starch
    (Examples: Textural, rheological and tribological properties of cooked starch systems such as rice, wheat-based products….)- 10 marks
  12. Digestibility of starch
    (Examples: Kinetics of digestion of starch and its control, resistant starch…)- 10 marks
  13. Characterisation techniques
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