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Report: Explain what a Mexican song is. Point out how a Mexican song differs from a Mexican son. Describe the six Mexican song genres presented on attachment and in readings, and illustrated in sound tracks and videos. You must cite specific examples from attachment, from readings, and from sound tracks/videos on attachment Your description must include the following.

  1. A definition of song in general (i.e., What is a song?)
  2. An explanation of the difference between a Mexican song and a Mexican son
  3. A classification for each song genre (e.g., huapango song, bolero)
  4. A definition for each song genre.
  5. An identification of the defining features of each song genre (singing style, theme, literary devices, etc.)
  6. Names of performers
  7. Content :
  8. a) Accuracy: Did you identify the musical genres and their features correctly?
  9. b) Completeness: Did you provide all of the required information that was identified in the track instructions?
  10. c) Supporting Detail: Did you support your statements with actual examples from the slides, audio selections and videos on attachment , and readings?
  11. Paragraph Construction:
  12. a) Unity: Are your paragraphs focused? Are all the sentences in the paragraph related to the main
  13. b) Coherence: Do your paragraphs flow logically? Do they make sense?
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