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In this particular Sound Off, I’d like for you to think deeply on strategy in the context of Mintzberg’s potter analogy, as expressed in the associated assigned article this week. The potter analogy is quite fitting, with Mintzberg making a good case for such in this classic article, but it is but one analogy. Specifically, identify another analogy that could be used in place of, or in addition to, the potter analogy. This sort of activity is very helpful in honing an understanding of strategy. Be sure to communicate the rationale for your selection and any associated details to help us understand your reasoning.

To facilitate student interactions, there also is a reply requirement associated with this forum. In addition to posting your own Sound Off, you must reply to at least one post submitted by a peer. The nature of your reply can be complementary, advisory, or simply supply an associated comment or idea regarding the given submission. Feel free to dialogue with your peers as desired. Note that a 30-point deduction is assessed if the reply requirement is not met.

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