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will pick a music culture that you’re interested in learning more about. It should be something we have not covered in class, and it should also be something from outside the Euro-American mainstream. Include your topic at the top of your project.
Here are some example of music topics from around the world:
Haitian kompa, Dominican merengue típico or merengue urbano, Tuvan throat-singing, Galician gaita music, Beijing opera, Japanese taiko drumming, the Kolombia music in Mexico (cumbia rebajada), Mexican narcocorridos, marimba music from Nicaragua or Guatemala, Brazilian samba-reggae, soca from Trinidad, gwoka music from Guadeloupe, azan (Islamic) singing, Arabic “classical” music, Kpop, Rom music in eastern Europe, banda music from Sinaloa, mariachi, Bollywood music, bhangra, Puerto Rican bomba, Cuban timba, Honduran punta, Arabic dabke/dabka, Ugandan embaire music, Argentinian tango, Haitian rara, Cuban tumba francesa, etc, etc.

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