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PROMPT: Writing encourages us to think deeply about our life experience. With that in
mind, you must write a three to four page narrative that elucidates (exposes) a philosophy
that you live your life by.
Think of an important moment/event/occurrence in your life where you realized the value
of that philosophy. For instance, maybe Einstein’s words “Imagination is more important
than knowledge” is a philosophy you live by. You might construct a narrative about
difficulties with conventional learning styles and how you came to believe more in
Einstein’s words.
Another possibility to inspire you is: you may also go on a new adventure inspired by
your life philosophy. For example, perhaps Helen Keller’s words “Life is either a daring
adventure or nothing at all” motivate you. Then you might decide to fly up to San
Francisco for the day to eat at this amazing Cuban restaurant that you have been hearing

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