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Evaluate the online resources below. Which sites are the easiest to navigate? From which sites did you gain the most knowledge on health policy issues in state and at the federal level?

American Association Activist Toolkit: http://www.rnaction.org/site/pageServer?pagename=nstat_take_action_activist_tool_kit&ct=1 &ct= 1

Association of perioperative Registered Nurses Advocacy Tools and Resources: http://www.aorn.org/ToolsAndResources

National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist: Starter Kit for Impacting Change at the Government Level: http://www.nacns.org/html/toolkit.php

National Association of Neonatal Nurses Federal Health PolicyAdvocacy Tool-kit: http://www.nann.org/uploads/files/Federal_Health_Policy_Advocacy_Tool-kit.pdf

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